Mint Health : Core Values

Way More Than You Expect

Through our Integrative Functional Wellness membership, we can do the most to provide you the opportunity to be the healthiest you! We are committed to providing individualized treatment plans that address each person’s expression of health due to genetic tendencies, life exposures/events, as well everyone’s personal story. Mint Health’s commitment to our patients spans the healthcare continuum and beyond what traditional care provides. We believe in identifying the root cause of health issues not just treating symptoms; determining barriers to good health and taking action to eliminate those obstacles; and empowering our patients to achieve and maintain wellness through personalized action and community driven engagement.

We transform our community and ourselves with positive team work and a family spirit

  • We bring people together to do what individuals cannot do alone

  • We practice in our lives what we teach our clients

  • We know and enjoy each other

  • We celebrate our own and each other’s breakthroughs and accomplishments

Our lifeblood is to WOW through service

  • Empathy and compassion reign

  • We create and maintain amazing services that go above and beyond

  • Our clients just can’t get enough, don’t want to leave, and come back for more

We live like renegades

  • We are adventurous, fun, and passionate

  • We are not limited by or interested in the status quo

  • We are humble with our success

  • We have a healthy disregard for the impossible

We are scrappy and resourceful

  • Whatever it is, we figure it out

  • We win together through self-motivation and innovation

  • We believe in “Use less, Create more”

  • Commitment to completion is the rule

  • We are accountable to ourselves and others –  no excuses

We take our jobs seriously but not ourselves

  • We expect loyalty and confidentiality

  • We expect focus while “on” and a healthy life-work balance

  • We believe in team based resolution

  • We respect ourselves and each other completely to give and accept critique