Modern Path to Wellness



Integrative Functional Wellness is a Golden Opportunity to Restore Wellness and Your Quality of Life.


At Mint, we know that identification of the underlying causes of your health concerns, as well as the path to resolution, is not effective in one or two appointments, but rather a journey together. Because of this, in our Functional Wellness practice we provide care through our comprehensive transformational wellness membership to form a two way relationship with our patients and give us the time and resources we need to help you effect meaningful change in your life.





Traditional Western medicine and its doctors are the finest in the world for dealing with acute care such as the diagnosis and treatment of trauma or short-duration illnesses in need of urgent care. For example, a traumatic car accident, appendicitis, or a broken leg. For such harrowing situations, I want traditional medicine in my corner!

But to stave off chronic problems or diseases, to better control or even reverse disease states and debilitation, and to train people in the art and science of wellness and self-healing,functional medicine is a necessary adjunct to conventional medicine for developing and maintaining a higher quality of life now and well into one’s senior years.

+ What is Functional Medicine?

Integrative Functional Wellness is personally tailored medicine. It deals with primary prevention and underlying causes of chronic disease rather than simply removing or masking symptoms once they arise. Functional medicine emphasizes true healing, treatment of the person rather than a disease, and a partnership of joint responsibility between doctor and patient. with the patient carrying most of the load. It also embraces the most current science in diagnosing early abnormalities that eventually lead to chronic illness.

Functional medicine uses botanicals and other forms of nutritional supplementation, as well as “food as medicine,” rather than just pharmaceutical agents, which can at times cause more harm than good when used in isolation from a full wellness and healing approach. That being said, all pharmaceuticals are not "bad" and can be very helpful in many situations! Taking a Functional medicine approach to health does not remove the option of using prescriptions, but rather applies them amongst the broader scope and approach of root cause medicine.

In light of the above points, I approach Functional medicine as an important complement to traditional medicine and not an alternative. Systems of health protection should work together!

+ Why Functional Medicine (FM)?

Perhaps you have experienced being evaluated by your provider, only to learn that “everything is normal.” Yet, you instinctually feel that you are unwell. This experience is all too common! After several years of practicing with only the knowledge I gained through my conventional training, I embarked on the journey to find more solutions. Following in the footsteps of the Cleveland Clinic (world renowned for being a visionary in healthcare!), I chose Functional Medicine as an answer to help people improve troublesome health concerns from a root cause approach.

In FM, we work to treat the system (the whole person), not just the symptoms (or the “disease”). FM is not “natural medicine” or even “integrative medicine” – we may use tools from these arenas, but FM is the road map used to navigate a person’s history and understand the root cause(s) disrupting health and balance. Then, we use all tools effective including lifestyle modifications, nutritional therapies, conventional pharmaceuticals, community connection, and more, in concert.

Health concerns that fare better with integration of FM consultation include Acne, Adrenal Disorders, Arthritis, Autoimmune diseases, Cancer risk reduction, Chronic Sinusitis, Detoxification and Healing, Diabetes, Digestive disorders (IBD, IBS, GERD/Reflux), Eczema, Environmental and Food Allergies, Fatigue syndromes, Female Disorders (PMS, Menopause, PCOS), Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Inflammatory disorders, Insomnia, Metabolic Syndrome/Pre-Diabetes/Insulin Resistance, Memory problems, Headaches, Mood and behavior disorders, and Thyroid Disorders.

Why? Although we may “get” pneumonia or a broken arm, we don’t “get” the increasingly common issues above. Instead, they develop over time as an interplay between our genes, environment, and nutritional factors. Centered in the science of epigenetics, we know our exposures are actually more impactful than our hard-wired genes. So, first we ask, what is present in the body that is interfering? This may be toxins, allergens, microbes, poor nutrition, or various stressors. Second, what is missing in the body that is required for normal function? This may be key vitamins/minerals/nutrients, hormones, macronutrients, or social connection.

At Mint Health, we know that above all people accompany each other to health, and we either flourish (or continue to deteriorate) based on our knowledge, community, and social connections. While we do provide conventional Ob/Gyn services (in particular to provide progressive prenatal care and offer moms the chance to start their children on a better life health path from the in utero stage!), our most important and life altering service is our Functional Wellness membership option. Through education, connection, and group driven action plans, we are amazed every day at what people accomplish that they couldn’t before without the tools of Functional Medicine!

+ What types of health concerns can be helped better by this approach?

The functional approach can help you achieve better results when used alongside your conventional care in the following areas:

  • Preconception (Before Pregnancy!) Optimization of Health
  • Female Disorders (PMS, PMDD, PCOS, Endometriosis, Menopause, Infertility, Libido)
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders (IBS/IBD/Reflux)
  • Hormone Balance
  • Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Sleep/Insomnia
  • Healthy Weight and Metabolism
  • Asthma and Allergy
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Migraines and Headaches
  • Dermatological conditions (Acne, Eczema/Psoriasis)
  • Thyroid and Adrenal Disorders
  • Elevated Cholesterol & Heart health
  • Healthy Aging
  • Fatigue
  • Environmental and Food Allergies

+ What does my insurance cover?

Your insurance "covers" (what does that mean in the world of high deductible plans?!?) the same things it would at any other medical practice, including surgeries, prescription drugs to treat symptoms, acute care visits, and conventional screening evaluations such as pap smears and mammograms. It will not, however, cover the entirety of Functional Medicine – sufficient time with your doctor to truly understand your history, troubles, and goals; access to functional medicine diagnostic specialty labs; an integrated health approach and the education and tools you need to address health issues from the root cause – hence our Membership to make this accessible to you and your family! Think of health insurance like your car insurance: it covers you in times of accident or injury, but doesn’t keep your engine running smoothly from the inside out, or looking and feeling your absolute best. Make the decision to invest in yourself, get to the root cause(s), and learn the tools to promote wellness and prevention, so that you too can live with your health on an upward trajectory!