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In our Integrative Functional Wellness visits (primarily on Mondays and Wednesdays, though there are some exceptions), we are able to take a more thorough and more effective approach to lifelong health and preventive health, as well as addressing difficult/chronic conditions.  Integrative Medicine is a partnership of care that involves the full range of physical, emotional, social, and environmental influences that affect a person’s health, and may use interventions from an array of scientific disciplines to guide individuals towards optimal health. 

Functional Medicine is an even more specific discipline that focuses on these key components:

  1. Identifying the underlying/root causes of a person’s health concerns/symptoms, as well as understanding the connections between them;

  2. Using more extensive/advanced laboratory based analysis to determine these causes (including blood, urine, stool, and other types of collections);

  3. Using nutrients, supplements, specialized integrative therapies, and medications as needed to address areas of imbalance; and

  4. Focusing ever more on lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, stress management, sleep (and more!) because we know this is the ONLY way to actually create meaningful and permanent change. 

In this approach, we entail a comprehensive learning/coaching component to teach you how to maintain your health, as well as more extensive visit times (about 30 minutes, as needed).  We use a membership plan to allow us the time and resources to provide these services to you.  (We help you set up a monthly plan that fits your budget.)  You reap the rewards of this investment into yourself for the rest of your life!  Check out what types of health concerns are best addressed through this method.  If this may be your best path, watch the short video below and follow the steps as instructed to get started!


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So Whats Next?

You will receive an email with a message from Dr. Buchert as well as two important links:

  1. Our Functional medicine online video seminar which will tell you a little bit about our office and our approach to wellness through Functional Medicine!

  2. The link for your online Functional Medicine paperwork which MUST be completed and submitted PRIOR to scheduling your first Integrative Functional Medicine consult!

Then what?

Congrats! You have completed the seminar and submitted your paperwork and are finished with the scheduling process! Someone from the office will call you within 24 hours to schedule your first Integrative Functional Medicine consult! See you soon!